PR for Global Learning Initiave

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PR for Global Learning Initiave
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 4 February 2016, 9:48 AM

After our first year of operation and a very successful launch of Greek and installation of network servers in Madagascar, we are now ready brand GLI globally.

The project is now published at among all the other good IT projects.

We are now also able to offer tests for learners who wish to assess their skills in practice on the Bible. The first task of the first test is introduced at

The Beginner's test in Bible Online Learner
Task 1A: Parse nouns in Gen 1:1-5

Interested participants can try out some of the tasks for this test.

If learners want to monitor their own work, this is how they can do it.

    1. Explore the first five verses of Genesis through Bible Online Learner Text and Exercises > Text.
    2. When they are ready, they should login with their Facebook or Google acounts and then do all the tasks in this first test. They can then plot their performance at My Data > Statistics. 
    3. If they need a record of their skills, they can do a print screen image and share this with their teachner. 

For more informatinon on the tests and the project, see and visit the site of Global Learning Initiative. Our team is working hard to improve certification for learners and develop good statistics for facilitators through Judith Gottschalk's development of Learning Journey. Follow our news during the Spring of 2016. Teachers who plan to offer classes are also wellcome to contact Nicolai Winther-Nielsen for suggestions on collaboration or assistance on projects.  

This can be of great help for Africa. Beginners can now document what equals to skills of 2.5 ECTS or 60 hours of learning. We also offer a test equal to 7.5 ECTS, or 200 hours of Hebrew whcih covers all of Genesis 1-3. These global standard tests will help learners all over the world to document their skills according to objective and verifiable data, and this should at least enable learners to get an online interview or have this taken into consideration, when they apply for scholarships to the West. But it is even more significant, that they do not need to og abroad in order to do their advanced studies and have them certified.

We working continuously on developing our corpus-driven learning technology with support for teachers who need to have precise knowledge about how individual students are doing.