The new Bible OL for tablets and smart phones!

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The new Bible OL for tablets and smart phones!
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Saturday, 12 December 2015, 12:00 PM

Now is Christmas time for global learning! Today we have reached a major milestone in our development strategy for Bible OL. The web site is now redesigned for mobile devices and it will function much better on video projectors and smart boards. This is a great Christmas gift which will serve our global vision for 2016 very well!

When Claus Tøndering and I started developing the 3ET back in 2008, it made sense to develop it as a Windows program. Due to the limited funding in EuroPLOT it also made sense to design and test a true persuasive learning technology as a Windows program for 2010-2013. However, with the steady demise of the PC and the increasing popularity of Mac, smart phones and tablets, we realized that we had to move to an online development environment, if we wanted to continue the global distribution of our persuasive learning solution. From 2013 and onwards, Claus Tøndering has therefore been doing all new development for the online version Bible Online Learner, and the PLOTLearner has not developed any further since the 2013 EU version.

The good news today is that Claus Tøndering has releasd a new version of Bible OL which is responsive web. This means that the page on the internet adapts to the size of the screen of the mobile device or the window of the computer. In this way it works in the same way as our learning management system, Moodle, which is also responsive web. As we now have responsive web solutions for all our sites, we are able to market Bible OL and its course solutions a true mobile solution. We have chosen not to develop any apps for mobile devices, because we do not have the funding, but also because our data are big. We would of course wellcome anyone who had the money and the project for investment in apps, but we do believe that we are now able to serve our audience well. In the West, mobile users will have sufficient band-width for online use, while we for our global projects will be able to offer a Linux server solution for our GLI Educational Network (see the news HERE).

Do take a look at the new Bible OL and join us for our continued global mission! Give us feedback on the new functionality and feel of our new solution and share your experience of the tool with others. If you think that the visual appearance of Bible OL can be improved and you are a designer or front end programmer with a passion for global learning do not hesitate to join our group of unpaid developers and designers for our great mission! We are also looking for new programmers who can join us to develop our new technology further!

Last, but not least, do not hesitate to contact me, if you are a teacher who would like to improve your Hebrew or Greek classroom with unlimted exercise for their language acquisition!