A new introduction to Bible OL

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A new introduction to Bible OL
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 16 June 2016, 8:17 PM

A new PDF-presentation "LET THE BIBLE TEACH HEBREW AND GREEK!" is now available. It explains in simple language how Bible Online Learner can can inspire and teach theological students to use and master Hebrew and Greek.

  • Learning a modern language is all about constantly talking to people and get corrected again and again through interaction. This way of using the language is now to a large extent possible for the learning of Biblical languages through Bible Online Learner http://bibleol.3bmoodle.dk. Although students of course cannot speak to native speakers of the Biblical languages, they can interact with the ancient texts that provide full information on Greek and Hebrew and can give reliable feedback on language exercises.
  • The most remarkable improvement in this new approach to language learning is that students from the very first day of their studies use the Biblical texts as a tool to learn how to read, train morphology, memorize vocabulary, and study the syntax and structure of the texts. Using the text as the source of teaching, students learn authentic Biblical grammar and the most frequent forms. This makes the entire learning process relevant for the interpretation of the Biblical texts.
  • Exercises generated from the texts instantly give corrective feedback on exercises. Students can practice when and where they want, alone at home or in groups or class. Teachers and students can select exercises without any limits, and they can adapt them to fit their individual needs for training of grammar or vocabulary. The more students practice, the better they learn the language.

Please read the rest of this document and share it with other teachers and students.