A student praise for Greek learning

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A student praise for Greek learning
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 16 November 2017, 1:30 AM

I received the following feedback from a Danish student, using the 3G course and Bible OL (my translation). This learner is reporting about the effect of persuasive corpus-driven learning and facilitation:

I am really surprised by the effectiveness of this learning material. I have never before had any experience with an online course, but it has superseded my wildest expectations. The instruction is very varied and offers both video lectures, quizzes and translation exercises for each learning unit. The variation guarantees that you learn the content from several different angels and that you get it under your skin! Moreover, Bible Online Learner is actually the climax of the learning process. The pedagogical strength of this tool is that it is great fun to do the exercises! From the very start of the learning process you interact with the Biblical text, and this is highly motivating: I know that the Bible drives my learning - what more can I hope for!!!

During my Summer holiday (as a university student) I am doing one unit a day. I begin studying the lesson for the day and then watch the videos and write my notes. Then I relax and make myself a cup of coffee and put on some good music. I now use Bible Online Learner to repeat the learning content and internalize it. I feel that this is my time of rest, but in reality this is where I really learn the skills at depth. In my view this is the great strength of Bible Online Learner! 

I am also impressed by the engagement of Harold Kime. As a rule he corrects my exercises the same day and he delivers a very substantial feedback. I get mails with comments, praise and news. I think this supervision is crucial for my entire learning process.