The first application in the World for training Hebrew verb classes!

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The first application in the World for training Hebrew verb classes!
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Friday, 30 September 2016, 2:31 PM

For the first time in the history of instruction in Biblical Hebrew it is now possible to train verbal classes of Biblical Hebrew! Every student in the world can now be tested in his or her skills in parsing ALL verbs generated by the Hebrew Bible. 

Earlier today our programmer Claus Tøndering released his news that this new feature has been added to Bible Online Learner. This is the culmination of the work of the team of Global Learning Initiative over a number of years. Associate Professor Oliver Glanz from Andrews University has developed important content for Bible Online Learner over several years, and together with a student assistant he has tagged the Hebrew verbal lexicon for verbal class.

Claus Tøndering has now added support for the training of learners in the parsing of Hebrew verbs based on this categorization of the Hebrew verbal lexicon. The new programs are now available online for use free of charge.

Quiz name Select number of questions
using preset passages
Select number of questions
and specify your own passages
Full parsing of verbs from Genesis 1-3 5    10    25 5    10    25
Parse stem, tense and verbal class 5    10    25 5    10    25

Thanks to the research and programming of Judith Gottschalk, PhD student at Aalborg University, it is now possible for a teacher to follow the learning progress of students as they work their way up from an F toward a B or even an A, following their progress in classification of Hebrew verbs.

Nicolai Winther-Nielsen has been training his students at the Fjellhaug International University College Denmark (FIUC-Dk) in this kind of classification through a prototype of the Hebrew Verbal Cruncher which he presented November 2015 at SBL.

He now includes the classification of irregular Hebrew verbs in the Basic Test 2 on Genesis 1-3. After two month of teaching and experimentation with the effectiveness of Bible Online Learner and the strength of the flipped classroom, he is confident that students trained through Bible Online Learner by means of persuasive feedback and learner-directed practice will score considerably higher than students who have studied Hebrew for similar hours but without using Bible Online Learner. Not least thanks to training verbal classes, it will be hard to find a better learning technology for Biblical Hebrew than Bible OL, and certainly not a free and open application with these stregnths!

Winther-Nielsen is still eager to see fellow teachers do a blind test in their classes in order to compare learning outcomes (see HERE).