GLI in San Antonio November 18: experience technology for Biblical language teaching!

Picture of Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
GLI in San Antonio November 18: experience technology for Biblical language teaching!
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Friday, 18 November 2016, 2:02 PM

GLI hosts an event for teachers who har interested in Bible Online Learner and want to discover the potential of our new learning technology. Other online applications like SHEBANQ using the ETCBC database will also be presented for interaction.

The event is scheduled for Saint John's Lutheran Church next to the convention center. The time framework for presentations on November 18 is 9 am to 5 pm.  Participation is free, and we hope to be able to seat everyone. We can seat 20, but perhaps also make room for more. So 

Enter the church from the parking lot! We serve Danish coffee from 9 and onwards! Best there is for transatlantic jetlag!  

During the event at specific times, and upon demand, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, director of Global Learning Initiative, will introduce participants to how Bible Online Learner supports the Corpus-driven Flipped Classrom, ongoing grading of students, and can be implemented in global projects.

Dirk Roorda
, Researcher at the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), and developer of SHEBANQ, will present SHEBANQ.

Bible Online Learner is currently developing interfaces and dictionaries for several languages. We already have English, Danish, Portuguese, and Spanish interfaces, and a new Chinese interface will be presented for the first time in San Antonio. We plan to start interfaces for Russian, French and Malagassy, and invite fellow teachers collaborate with us on localization of Bible OL.  


During the morning there will be small talk and hands-on introductions on demand, in order to meet the interest of people attending, and otherwise we will talk or discuss projects.

After lunch, at 1 pm, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen will present "The Corpus-driven Flipped Classroom". He will also introduce the Chinese interface for Bible OL for launch! Presentations by Dirk Roorda, Oliver Glanz 

At 2 pm we expect to split up into smaller groups for "round-table" discussion on teaching in local languages or working on special projects:

  • Chinese teachers' group: Randall Tan, vice-president, GBI, PhD Grace Park, Berlin, and Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, GLI, co-chairs of GERT
  • Spanish teachers' group: Janet Dyk, senior researcher at the ETCBC in Amsterdam
  • LAB-Fabric group: Dirk Roorda, researcher at DANS
  • Cultural visualization of the Hebrew Bible: ProfessorJens Bruun Kofoed (only 30 minutes)
  • Portuguese group?
  • New Testament Greek group?

Do join us to lead a group or suggest a new one. We would like to have many more partners involved in the localization of our learning technology to local languages. We are furthermore eager to see language learners join us in using our technology for blended learning or online teaching.


Our own projects often use Moodle courses. We are interested in collaborating with teachers who are willing to to give away free courses that can be used globally in specific projects. We are also building resource sites and eager to link to high-quality open content for Biblical Studies and Bible Translation.

During the weeks before we will publish a day schedule and update it in response to requests by participants. Do not hesitate to contact GLI Director Nicolai Winther-Nielsen if you want to participate or contribute!