Bible OL running on Raspberry Pi in Addis

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Bible OL running on Raspberry Pi in Addis
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 11 April 2019, 9:34 PM

March 13 2019 was a significant milestone for Bible OL. I presented a fully operational Bible Online Learner working offline, without access to the internet.

The solution is to have Raspberry Pis connect locally on an internal WiFi network. Language learners will not have to go through the Internet to access Bible Online Learner, which was the challenge in the first month in Addis.

In this way the exercises developed for the My Biblical Hebrew course are now available for the Mekane Yesus Seminary Biblical Hebrew pilot project. The Addis Abeba classroom will be my first class for Biblical Hebrew using a local network, and it can hopefully scale up to many other new global language classrooms during the coming years. 

PhD-student Judith Gottschalk set up the first system in 2015 as reported in Mission accomplished - new project up and running in Madagascar! We told about the latest version of her solution in 2017 in our news on Bible OL to run on credit card size computer.  Judith for her PhD is continuing to develop this solution for Africa, aiming at a solution which will not require even a local network.

The commercial installation and distribution for the Addis Abeba project was handled by Dr Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, owner and director of Scripture Systems, and also inventor of Emdros, which is the database management system running Bible OL

The first month of the Addis Abeba project (HERE) was very successful - except for the challenge of 30 students using the internet to connect to Bible OL. The new solution removes our main obstacle for success.

See my video presentation on the Raspberry Pi installation of Bible OL and how user-friendly this solution is in the presentation video!