Biblical Hebrew during Corona Times

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Biblical Hebrew during Corona Times
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 7:48 AM

All over the world regular and traditional academic classroom teaching is being cancelled. The Covid19 is changing education radically as many institutions and students now have to rely on online learning.

For Denmark I therefore now offer a special course for students of Biblical Hebrew in Danish aiming at students at Scandinavian universities who need to GET HELP THROUGH ONLINE HEBREW (in Danish). In a recent post I also describe how NOW YOU CAN LEARN BIBLICAL HEBREW (in Danish). I list the testimonies from Danish students who are now reading the Hebrew Bible and able to translate, interpret and write professional essays based on their Hebrew skills and the rich data in the ETCBC database. 

The basic course material is still in English and therefore also extremely relevant for students everywhere who do not have access to classroom teaching anymore. It is revolutionary in its use of the Hebrew Bible for learning, and it helps students learn the practical way. Students who get hooked on practice cannot fail!

If you want to try it out, you can have free access to the module on learning to read and practice nouns, vocabulary and the most common Hebrew verb conjugation. If you want to continue learning Biblical Hebrew this way, it will only cost you 50 dollars per month. We can offer a transcript of your performance and even a validated course of 560 hours of beginnners and intermediate Hebrew. If we have a sufficient number of students we may be able to give reductions for students in poor countries in Africa and Asia.

This course is very cheap, but also competitive in other ways. All learning of Biblical Hebrew is generated by the Hebrew Bible itself. You are taught by the texts of Scripture to explore texts and practice skills. You can monitor your progress on a daily basis and compare yourself with the standard levels of Danish students. This is like a work-out in a Gym, where you learn through hard work. It is also a bit like gaming, but it requires that you practice like when you learn to play an instrument. However, you don't just have nodes for practice - The Hebrew Bible itself is your learning buddy! 

The course resources and leaning environment was developed over 12 years by two specialists in programming and design for learning. For 3 years we had European Union funding. We have tested the solution in Madagascar and Ethiopia. Currently we have more than 300 different exercises that will take you through the beginners level and basic level through videos and pdf's. We are using Rahel Halabé's Tool Box which is on sale at the moment (click HERE, or find all three volumes HERE).

For intermediate level Hebrew we use the Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar (2017) by Christo Van der Merwe, Jacobus Naudé and Jan Kroeze, but we only accept students at this level, when they have passed the proficiency tests. This material is still under development and testing.

Do take a look at our information in the following file: