Hinneh for Bible OL at Caspari

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Hinneh for Bible OL at Caspari
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 1:37 PM

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A new intensive course for learning Biblical Hebrew the practical way will be offered in Jerusalem next year. Three international teachers will collaborate on the ultimate course.  

Even though still in planning at this moment, we would like to tell you about a new initiative that you may want to prepare for - a two tiers introductory Biblical Hebrew course:   

The first tier will run at the Caspari Center in Jerusalem. It will provide students with the needed vocabulary and grammar, skills and Tools to access most biblical narrative and some poetic texts. This level will be based on the Hinneh – Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way program and supported by Bible Online Learner intensive practice.

A second optional tier, for those intending to follow a scholarly path, will run on-line and blended learning environment. It will provide the linguistic materia/level, and supported by further practice with Bible OL exercicses. It will  train students to use Bible softwares, especially the Source Language Tool, but also Paratext, Logos, Accordance and other commercial resources, as well as prepare them for European/internationally valid exams, and specifically a Norwegian exam through Fjellhaug International University College.

Our goal is to offer intensive courses in Israel once the post Covid19 world will allow for international travel, hopefully from the Spring of 2021 and onwards.  

Using the best of innovative pedagogy, online technology, intensive learning and online support, we believe that this course will be a rewarding, better as well as less expensive option for your introduction to Biblical Hebrew and the Biblical text.

Stay tuned!

For more information please contact:  

  • Nicolai Winter Nielsen, Professor of Hebrew Bible and Information and Communication Technology, Fjellhaug International University College (Contact email)
  • Elisabeth Levy, International director and CEO of the Caspari Center in Jerusalem (Contact email)
  • Rahel Halabe, Author of Hinneh – Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way (Contact email)

Read the short presentation of Hinneh: