Global Greek Learning is now in production!

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Global Greek Learning is now in production!
by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 11 June 2015, 11:39 AM

I hereby proudly announce that Global Learning Initiative is now developing Greek language learning for the World. Our first step is to test the course material for Global Greek Grammar which has been developed by professor Harold Kime of Lancaster Bible College. He and his college has kindly provided global access to what is by far one of the best systems for mastery Greek learning today.

Many years of development in Moodle is now offered free of charge on condition that professor Kime’s introductory grammars are purchased by learners in the West who can afford them ( When his grammar is adopted as the key textbook, all of the accompanying learning videos, Anki drills, translation assignments, learning strategies, quizzes, and examinations can be used for free. However, in collaboration with Global Learning Initiative professor Kime is willing to offer affordable solutions for institutions in Africa and elsewhere in the Majority World where free or inexpensive education is a condition for new learning.

The development of Greek is possible, because the programmer of Bible Online Learner, Claus Tøndering, in January could release the Nestle 1904 version of the Greek New Testament as well as the Dobson dictionary and syntax trees developed by Global Bible Initiative. This text and these trees are commonly used in most open source projects which need to avoid any license restrictions from commercial providers in order to serve the global users in the Majority World.  

The Global Learning Initiative focuses on development of the same approach to learning that started for Biblical Hebrew in 2008 and was developed into persuasive language in the EuroPLOT project 2010-2013. Since 2014 Global Learning Initiative has been developing this approach into an online learning environment. From the summer of 2015 we will include development for Greek and we plan initial testing in Madagascar through funding by Danmission which already has been funding the PLOTLearner project for Hebrew in Madagascar since 2013 and now suppports and promotes the next step into global Greek learning as well.

The project will be directed and developed by linguist, programmer and PhD student Judith Gottschalk who is a member of the team of Global Learning Initiative. Her focus is on integrating Kime's grammar and course with Bible OL and Journey. The first phase of the project is starting in June 2015 and will run over the following years, depending on the extent of funding and collaboration from fellow teachers and institutions.

Professor Kime will serve as the external consultant on Greek learning in relation to his course material and on Moodle learning management issues. Judith Gottschalk will lead the team which is testing the course material and develop its integration with Bible OL.The project will explore how Bible OL and Journey can use this course at institutions with little or no reliable and affordable internet.

The Danmission project is being planned so that Morten Møller of FIUC-Dk will serve as internal consultant and advisor on academic standards in a Scandinavian context. Louise Høgild will serve as Greek instructor during the testing phase and Susanne Lubago will be the primary test person to use the course as an online resource and to apply foreign language learning principles for global learning.